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Ticket Policy

Due to limited venue space and sell-out concerts, members are limited to how many tickets they can purchase, so all members have an opportunity to purchase tickets. (see benefits below.) OPAS Members can reserve tickets until the day they go on sale to the public. Once tickets go on sale to the public, unpurchased reserved tickets will be rele.

Once public sale begins, members can purchase an unlimited number of seats.


  • Presenter's Circle ($25k+), Chairman's Circle ($15,000), Producer's Circle ($10,00), Director's Circle ($5,000)

    • May purchase up to 10 tickets pre-sale.

  • Patron's Circle ($2,500)

    • May purchase up to 8 tickets pre-sale.

  • Contributor's Circle ($1,000)

    • May purchase up to 6 tickets pre-sale.

  • Supporting ($500)

    • May purchase up to 4 tickets pre-sale.

  • Friends of OPAS ($100)

    • May purchase up to 2 tickets pre-sale.

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