Individual Members

OPAS Members play the starring role in keeping the arts alive and vibrant in our community. We are deeply grateful for their support.

Circle Members

Chairman's Circle

Sharon and Jack Brown 

Bo Fears 

Wendy and Dick O'Toole 

Paige and Chuck Robbins 

Pat and Alan Welch 

Producer's Circle

Suzanne Snyder and Kevin Bates 

Jere Brady 

Jane Hutterly and Louie Seabolt 

Beverly and Richard Sparkmon 

Director's Circle

Riezl and Ted Baker 
Gregory Barnard 
Dien and Buddy Clarke 
Sharon and Dennis Crosby 
Jan and Carlton Curtis 
Joyce and Mike Daniel 
Char and George Edwards 
Leslie and Skip Flint 
Margie and Chuck Forbes 
Johanna and Ronald Foster 
Chris and Glenn Griffith 
Stephanie and Rick Henson 
Marianne and Doug Liptak 

Carol and Mike Lynch
Freddy Meindl 
Mary Louise and Terry Mullervy 
Beth and Ben Northrop 
Donna and Shannon Osborne

Chad & Sharlene Pigg 
Betsy and Dale Peck 

Janet and Tommy Warner
Pamela and Thomas Wolf 
Holly Wolfert 

Contributor's Circle

Carol and Lee Arberg 
Micki Tanner and John Baird 
Nancy and James Barton 
Karen and Curt Bassett 
Dolly and Homer Bechtell 
Becky and Bob Black 
Sandy and Donald Bone 
Marci and Scott Brannon 
Mary and Dan Brinks 
Michael and Nori Burby 
Carmen and William Carson 
Kenny Messer and Melanie Clark 
Patty and Tom Dailey 
Miclene and Fran D'Antonio 
Linda and Bill Dudley 
Mary and Gene Elzy 
Tina and Mike Fischlin 
Jeannie and Scott Flynn 
Martha and Rick Franks 
Patricia and David Goldrich 
Sharon and Joe Gorman 
Pam and Jerry Gresham 
Sue and Ed Harjehausen 
Ricky Harrison 
Donna Freeman and Michael Heyne 
Denise and Clint Hilley 
Joy and Michael Holland 
Chelsea and Hal Johnson 
Martha and Mike Jones 
Denni and Peter Kann 
Debbie and Ronnie Kent 
Kathy and Steve Kley 

Patron's Circle

Cheryl and Andy Andrews 

Karen and Chris Bailo
Laura and Mark Buttimer 
Alla and Charles Campbell 
Kim and Nicolas Chronos 
Vicki and Richard Connelly 
Sue and Stephen Cross 
Sally and John Crouse 
Mary Diane and Donald Johnson 
Cyndie and Phil Klingensmith 
Susan Dufford and Jack LaBelle 
Linda  Lowe 
Tonya and Michael Miller 
Brook and Stephen Ritchey 
Connie and Tom Saner 
Shirley and George Shattuck 
Aline and Thomas Spears 
Charlotte and Jim Thorne 
June and Michael Tompkins 
Ansley and Benjamin Vinson 
Marianne and Richard Wade 

Contributor's Circle Continued

Sandy and K.G. Klinck 
Cheron and Mark Kneedy 
Sue and Ralph Kuhnert 
Anna and Greg Lawton 
Debbi and John Lindsay 
Mary and Jeff Little 
Luis Martinez-Amago 
Carol Gracco and Michael McClure 
Dianne and Pat McNabb 
Jim and Anne Meadows 
Irene and Charles Miller 
Sloan and Kurt Miller 
Bebe and Jere Mills 
Carol Moore 
Thomas Moore 
Kay and William Neely 
Patricia and David Nicholson 
Donna and Mike O'Neal 
Kathy and Richard Osborne 
Carol and Dick Owens 
Richard Panyik 
Bill Phillips 
Kris and John Rulison 
Margaret and Steve Ruzika 
Valerie and John Salatino 
Paula and Myron Senn 
Christine and Mark St.Clare 
Dona and Jim Stanton 
Nancy and Bill Thompson 
Mirjam and Mark Van Stekelenburg 
Jennifer and Larry Vaughan 
Gale Weaver 
Virginia McDowell and Mike Wendorf 
Janet Kelly and Richard Wilkes 
Kim and Jerry Williams 
Sandra and Joe Williamson 
Cecilia and Allen Wright 

Supporting & Friends of OPAS Members


Janet and Bowen Akers 
Camilla and Scott Avis 
Bernadette and Thomas Balestreire 
Paula and Lou Benjamin 
Marguerite and John Byrne 
Sharon and Reid Conklin 
Linda  Edgerly 
Cindy and Charles Helms 
Brooke and Spencer Hinds 
Darlene Honaman and Jimmy Talluto
Jean and Ron Jeitz 
Janet and Chuck Kohler 
Carolyn and James Krause 
Kathy Kurelic 
Cheryl and Jim Laine 
James Littleton 
Lyn and Sheryl Lott 
Shirley and Bob Mai 
Kathy and Chris Manners 
Cheryl Martin and Ed McQuown 
Betty and Stan Mileski 
Marquita and Brett Morgan 
Beth and Michael Morton 
Charlotte and Bill Mosteller 
Robert L. Motley 
Martha Moore and Keith Noerenberg 
Connie Oliver 
Kathleen and Gilbert Pallen 
Lynn and John Reale 
Robin and Stephen Reich 
Jill and Roger Schurig 
Nancy and George Townsend 
Ann and Gene Vassy 

Debbie Doby and Steve Webb
Elaine Weinberger 
Maureen and Steve Wisnewski 


Linda and Bruce Angier 
Shari and Chris Ball 
Jackie and Jim Barnett 
Michael Bean 
Jenny and Bob Bedell 
Nancy and Thomas Bingham 
Sandra Boyd 
Carol and Bill Britten 
Susan and Ernest Brown, Jr 
Rachel and Ed Broyles 
Marian and Edward Buckley 
Lynne and Melvyn Bunson 
Donald Buzzell 
Robbi and Donald Caggiano 
Gina Canavan 
David Carroll 
Laura and Larry Carter 
Joe & Andrea  Cassell 
Louise and Edward Chase 
Susan and Russ Clark 
Stephanie  Cooper 
Deborah and Thomas Cornelia 
Diane Cox 
Pat and Bob Cresswell 
Mary and D. Milton Crosswy Jr. 
Janice and Jim DeVane 
Elaine and Marvin Doty 
Ann and Bruce Dructor 
Sarah Evans 
Tricia and Ralph Ezell 
Kathy and Don Fike 
Linda Gates 
Dottie and Gerry Giesler 
Sharon and Bob Glaze 
Ken and Kris Greenway 
Karen Grigg 
Patricia Grimes 
Dawn and Michael Hamilton 
Rhonda and Mike Harper 
Elizabeth  Harris 
Terri and Fred Hedrick 
Taffy and Steve Hicks 
Kay and John Hinds 
Richard Honecker 
Phyllis and Fred Huebner 
Geraldine Iacoboni 
Barbara and Dan Irwin 
Kelley and David Jensen 
Bonnie Van Fleet and Jerry Joseph 
Geri Arvanites and Ed Kammerer 

Friends Continued

Theresa and Gary Kemp 
Sherri and TK Kerstetter 
Ardith and Marc Kirchhoff 
Jane and Michael Kokoska 
Sharon and Ray Kramer 
Carol and Michael Kuhn 
Norine and Scott Lassa 
Sylvia and David Leeseberg 
Joelyn and James Lepanto 
Julie and Ben Logan 
Mary Colleen Lynott 
Marie and Kenneth Mason 
Michael Materazo 
Anita McCoy 
Sheila and Roger Meyer 
Ashley Miller 
Karla and Ken Monti 
Linda and Bob Moore 
Sue and Brad Morgan 
Beth Mullins 
William and Mary Lou Necel 
Julie and Dennis Nicholson 
Gail and Gary Nicholson 
Marilyn and Jerry Nicholson 
Anita Clavier and Stephen Nickenig 
Mary Lou Noonan 
Debbie and Sam Orr 
Joanne and David Pappicco 
Lynn and Greg Partalis 
Margaret and Terry Pedersen 
Jane and Bob Preston 
Karen and Kevin Price 
Yvette and Gary Richards 
Noreen Rivers 
Peggy and Michael Roberts 
Sue Robinson 
Alpha Rogers

Michelle and Bruce Saarela 
Joan and Walt Sarokas 
Cindy and Tommy Sasser 
Bonnie Schapman 
Debra and Bradford Seaman 

Friends Continued


Olga Bristol and William Shekalus 
Patricia and Jeff Shepard 
Mary and Brit Spann 
Judy and Bud Stultz 
Timothy Surlas 
Nancy and Thomas Tait 
Pat and Brian Taylor 
Donald Tew 
Peggy and Tom Uehlin 
Ingrid Vega 
Hannah Vendetti 
Mark Volker 
Warren Weatherford 
Janice and Frederick Wendt 
Eloise Wenz 
Georgie and Perry Weston 
Diane and Leo Wiesler 
Laurie Anne and Jim Williams 
Nan and Larry Williams 
Jack Woodard 
Christine Young 
Rachael and John Zvolensky