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Terleckyj Society

In recognition of the individuals and businesses that have contributed a cumulative total of $50,000 or more.

Cheryl and Andy Andrews

Carol and Lee Arberg

Riezl and Ted Baker

Sharon and Jack Brown

Alla and Charles Campbell

Shannon and Peter Candler

Dien and Buddy Clarke

Jan and Carlton Curtis

Char and George Edwards

Carolyn and Bo Fears

Leslie and Skip Flint

Margie and Chuck Forbes

Donna Freeman & Mike Heyne

Debra and John Griswold

Kathryn and Ray Handlan

Anna and Greg Lawton

Linda and Robert Lowe

Carol and Mike Lynch

Freddy and Jim Meindl

Irene and Charles Miller

Mike Miller

Tonya Miller

Wendy and Dick O'Toole

Betsy and Dale Peck

Gaby and Mercer Reynolds

Jane Hutterly and Louie Seabolt

Anne and Jim Sorensen

Beverly and Richard Sparkmon

Elizabeth Stewart

Charlotte and Jim Thorne

June and Michael Tompkins

Julie and Rick von Haam

Janet and Tommy Warner

Pat and Alan Welch

Holly and Rick Wolfert

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