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Friday, November 12, 2021

What is Soirée en Blanc & Noir?

Soirée en Blanc & Noir is the OPAS adaptation of the global phenomenon, Dîner en Blanc. 


Dîner en Blanc dates back to the early 1980s in the heart of Paris, France, where a small group of friends met at a public location and set up an impromptu dinner. They dressed in white from head to toe so as to recognize one another in the crowds of Paris and brought all the necessary items to have dinner - food, drink, table, chairs. Thirty years after it’s creation, Dîner en Blanc has become a “secret” sensation held in major cities all over the world. On the night of the event, invited guests are alerted of where to bring their table and meal, and they rush to the scene to enjoy an evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing. 

Soirée en Blanc & Noir has been adapted to be enjoyable for everyone. Wear white or black and OPAS will take care of the rest: Tables, chairs, dinner, and drinks will be provided! All proceeds will benefit OPAS Arts Education Programs. 

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